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Refreshing, Motivating, Encouraging 

Meet Woody & Kelly

Woody and Kelly Robinson have been in the ministry all of their lives.  Both were born into pastor’s homes.  They have a deep appreciation and love for the pastors and congregations they serve.

An anointed vessel, Woody uplifts and captivates audiences by bringing the Gospel to life through each message.  His love for God and people is contagious!  The key that unlocks doors for Woody to bring the Word of in revelation and clarity is his ability to connect with people, wherever they may be in their journey in the Lord.

His passion for people is to be complete, encouraged and refreshed in the presence of God.  As Woody ministers the Word of God with authority and conviction, it is evident that a heavy anointing rests upon his ministry.  That, coupled with his great sense of humor, he is able to genuinely minister to people from all walks of life. 

Kelly ministers in a special way through music.  A seasoned and anointed Praise and Worship leader serving at River of Life Worship Center in Carthage, TX, Kelly is sensitive to moving of the Spirit.  With a humble heart and sensitive spirit she is  in leading people into the presence of the Lord where they can receive healing, blessings and refreshing.

From their passion for people to be refreshed by the presence of God was birthed a new ministry in 2005, Refreshing Streams Ministries. 

They are the proud parents of four children.  Together, Woody and Kelly continue to minister to pastors and congregations alike, bringing the refreshing streams of God’s Word that heals, stirs, changes and encourages  each soul who hears the Good News of the Gospel.

Learn More About Woody 

Woody Robinson, a fourth generation  preacher, began ministry at the age of five, singing in church.  He was playing the drums by age 12 and preaching by the age of 18.  Since then he has ministered in almost every facet of church ministry.


  1. 1.-President, Refreshing Streams Ministries           

  2. 2.-Conference Speaker

  3. 3.-Preacher

  4. 4.-Revivalist

  5. 5.-Teacher

  6. 6.-Singer

  7. 7.-Associate Pastor of River of Life Worship Center, Carthage, TX

Learn More About Kelly

Kelly Robinson, daughter of Pastor Arnold and Janet Shrewsbury, possesses not only beauty that shines from the inside out but also has a be

autiful ministry of Praise and Worship Music. 

She leads congregations into a place of inspired praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Her compassion for people is relentless and she desires that everyone receive the joy and peace of His refreshing.